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Blessed Edward Jones RC School

Cefndy Road
LL18 2EU
Telephone: 01745 343433
Fax: 01745 344723

About Us

Blessed Edward Jones Catholic High School is a voluntary aided school in the Diocese of Wrexham, North Wales. It is an 11-18 Co-ed school in the seaside town of Rhyl. The area has many amenities and is within 40mins drive of Snowdonia and Chester. Blessed Edwards has a wide catchment area but prides itself on being a small (500) caring community where the teachers know most of the pupils. We have a committed and friendly staff who put the pupils first when making decisions. Our results have consistently improved over the last three years and our role has risen by over 10%.


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Headteacher and staff

Mr. A. Cheetham, B.Ed,MA,DipTESFL - Headteacher
Mr. G. Sugrue, B.Ed.(Hons) - Deputy Headteacher
Mr. M. Cohen, B.Ed.(Hons) - Music
Mr. I. Davies, PGCE,Dip.SEN,BA(Hons) - Special Needs Co-ordinator
Mr. L. Davies, B.Sc, PGCE - Science
Mrs. S. Davies, T.Cert. - Head of P.E.
Mr. N. Edwards, T.Cert,M.Ed. - Head of Technology
Mr. A.W. Evans, BA(Hons),PGCE - Special Needs
Mrs. L. Fisher-Jones B.Ed.(Hons) - Home Economics/Technology
Head of Year KS 2/3
Mr. D.Greaney, BA(Hons),PGCE - Head of Modern Languages
Mr. G. Jenner, B.Ed(Hons)CertRE - History, Head of
Humanities/Head of Year KS 3
Miss J. Jeory, BA(Hons), PGCE - English
Miss P. Kelly,BSc(Hons),Cert.Ed.,Dip.SEN.,Cert.RE - Mathematics
Mr. J. Kirkham, B.Ed. (Hons)CTCRS(Dist) - Head of R.E.
Miss M. Lamb, B.Th, PGCE - R.E.
Miss G. Mared, BA(Hons)PGCE - Welsh
Mrs. G. Mossom, ATD,BA - Art, Head of Creative and
Expressive Arts
Mr. M. Owen, BA(Hons),PDESL,CASE - Head of English
Mrs. G. Polden, BA,PGCE - English
Miss T. Richardson, BSc(Hons), PGCE - Biology
Mr. F. Scannell,BEd,FETC,MCP - History, TVE Co-ord.
Head of Year KS 5
Mr. R. Stanway,BSc(Hons),M.Ed.,PGCE - Science
Mrs. A.M. Thirsk,BA,PGCE - Geography,EO Co-ord.
Mr. J. Thirsk, BMet,MSc,PGCE. - Head of Science
Mr. M. Thomas, T.Cert - P.E.
Mr. J. Urquhart, Dip.Ed. - Careers Education/Head of Year KS 4
Mr. J.P. Westerway-Green, BA,PGCE - Information Technology
Mr. S. Woodhead, BSc,PGCE - Head of Mathematics

Support Staff:

Mrs. L. Rawlinson - Administrative Officer
Mrs. J. Poole - Clerical Assistant
Mrs. G. M. Evans - Library Technician
Mrs. M. Smith - Laboratory Technician
Mrs. D. Williams - Nursing Sister
Mr. G. Jones - Caretaker
Mrs. P. Mennie - Cook in Charge
Mrs V. Armstrong - Ancillary Support Worker


This School exists to be a light of Christ in the community by:

- offering a Catholic education, based on the Gospel

- promoting the growth of each pupil, spiritually, socially,
physically and intellectually

- developing each person’s sense of right and wrong, both
as children of God and responsible citizens



SCHOOL is the place where you come to work. Make sure you always do your best. Listen to teachers and other students.

DO NOT prevent others from working.

TREAT one another with politeness, courtesy and respect.

DO NOT use language which is abusive, offensive or rude; in class, do not shout, call out, interrupt or answer back.

CARE FOR and look after the school, the people in it and all its equipment.

DO NOT drop litter or damage equipment.

THINK about your safety and the safety of others. Keep to the left and walk sensibly in corridors and on stairways.

DO NOT run or act foolishly in corridors or on stairways.

WEAR the school uniform at all times.

DO NOT abuse our sensible code of dress.

REMEMBER to bring all necessary equipment to every lesson. Organise yourself.

DO NOT use forgetfulness or others as an excuse.

BE PUNCTUAL to school in the morning and afternoon and to all lessons. Enter classrooms when requested and settle down quietly to the task in hand.

COMPLETE all school work and homework on time.

The three key words are:



In KS3 the pupils are banded into four teaching groups with the Technology subjects being taught in mixed ability. Group sizes are on average about 25.
In KS4 most of the core subjects are setted within subjects. Option groupings are often mixed ability. Group sizes tend to be less than thirty with the lower groups less than 24



School uniform is worn by pupils in Years 7 – 11. It is the school policy to endeavour to make the school uniform as cheap and as practical as possible, while maintaining a high standard of smartness. The co-operation of parents is requested in seeing that uniform is worn to school at all times.


Girls –

Skirts: Black “A” line or kilt-pleated at KNEE LENGTH
(Fashion skirts are unacceptable)
Blouse: White, polo shirt with school badge
Sweatshirt: Red school sweatshirt with school badge
Trousers: Black classic style
Shoes: Any practical style, black (not fashion shoes, trainers or heavy ankle

PE: Black games skirt or shorts
Red tee shirt/red sweatshirt
Trainers/football boots
Sports socks
(optional) black track suit/jogging suit

Boys –

Trousers: Long black
Shirt: White, polo shirt with school badge
Tie: School pattern
Sweatshirts: Red school sweatshirt with school badge
Shoes: Any practical style black (not fashion shoes, trainers or heavy ankle boots)

PE: Black Shorts
Red tee shirts
Sports socks
Trainers/soccer boots
(optional) black tracksuit/jogging suit
Optional Black jogging trousers


Homework is set regularly and deadlines for completion of the work are adhered to. Student Planners are provided for the pupils to use. Should the occasion arise where a pupil does not produce work of suitable quality or quantity, parents are advised as soon as is convenient. The co-operation of parents in the education of their children is important in maintaining satisfactory progress for all pupils.


The school is an improving school and has had some of the best improvement of results in Wales. The inspection report in 2000 highlighted this and we expect improvement to continue.

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