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British Nigerian Academy

Prince and Princess Estate, Duboyi District
Telephone: +234 70341455

About Us

The school is within 8 hectares of beautiful land in the Duboyi district of Abuja. It offers a caring environment in which high academic standards are attained with a strong emphasis being placed upon “all-round” education. This is delivered not only through a lively and dynamic curriculum that is broad and balanced but also through a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

At BNA, we believe that the best education is a partnership between teachers, students and parents. By creating a supportive environment, the personal and academic potential of each pupil can be developed.

The vision of “educating the whole person” means that opportunities are provided for the intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional, cultural, physical, and social development of each child.

At BNA no one is overlooked. Everyone is famous.

School Aims:
•Through highly effective teaching, to ensure that our students realise their full potential
•To promote the use of a brain friendly, or multi-sensory, approach to education with a view to maximising learning for all students.
•To deliver recognised English, Nigerian and international curricular that meet the demanding educational needs of all our students.
•To offer a varied and high quality extra-curricular programme.
•To promote co-operation, tolerance, understanding and mutual respect.
•To develop in our students, confidence, self esteem and a sense of responsibility for their own life long learning.
•To nurture an awareness of the global community and the need for the conservation of our planet.
•To nurture qualities of independence and resourcefulness.
•To motivate our students by ensuring that they enjoy and are stimulated by their education.
•To provide a campus that is attractive, stimulating, healthy, safe and well resourced environment.
•To ensure that high standards of boarding services, facilities and security are maintained at all times.
•To encourage and develop a meaningful and positive relationship between home and school.
•To achieve recognition as an exemplary school of learning excellence.
•To foster and promote spiritual development. Upholding the Christian faith whilst encouraging understanding of and respect for those in the school who are of other traditions.
•Working in close partnership with parents.

Employer Information

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