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Gumley House Convent School

St Johns Road
Telephone: 020 8568 8692
Fax: 020 8758 2674

About Us

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<p>Gumley House in Isleworth was built by John Gumley nearly three hundred years ago. The Faithful Companions of Jesus established a Convent in the house and founded a school there in 1841: the same school that flourishes under their guidance more than one hundred and fifty years later.<br /><br />At Gumley House, the curriculum provides:</p>
<p>- a thorough, sound intellectual formation which includes a growing ability to reason reflectively, logically and critically<br />- religious, spiritual and moral formation<br />- a careful and critical study of the Humanities, Science, Mathematics, Technology<br />- care for the healthy physical development of each student<br />- particular care for their imaginative, emotional and creative growth<br />- the development of effective communication skills<br />- the development of literacy and numeracy<br />- a preparation for life which is itself a preparation for eternal life (hence the school motto “Live that you may have Life”)<br /><br />Gumley encourages a life-long openness to education and a joy in learning which will remain through life.</p>


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